The Rivakka Hamax 300 is an exceptionally powerful hammer mill for industry and large farms.
The substances to be ground are brought to the mill by an auger or screw conveyor. Foreign objects, such as stones and metal, can be separated using a separator series to be attached to the mill and having strong magnets and a grate.

The width of the sieve is 300 mm and 54 rotating blades grind the substance to be ground quicly and without a loss of power. The coarseness of the ground substance is adjusted by the hole size of the sieve. The sieve is made of stainless steel. A lower conveyor can be attached to the mill.

Technical data

Motor 15 – 22 kW
Capacity with dry barley 1500 – 3000 kg/h
Sieve width 300 mm
Mill width 1270 x 1200 mm
Mill height 1600 mm
Milln weight 350 – 400 kg