The feed value of oats is improved by removing the oats’ straw-like hull. The hull makes up approx. 20% of the oat grain, yet the feed value of the hull is exceptionally small. Dehulled oats can be utilized the best by sows, piglets, calves, broilers, hens and turkeys. Good results have also been obtained as dairy feed as well as in organic production. Dehulling makes oats fully a feed grain.

  • Dehulled oats contain an abundance of protein and energy. Oats also contain a lot of vitamin B which increases stress tolerance
  • Oats contain good-quality saturated fats
  • Contain a lot of iron and minerals
  • Domestic oat production requires very few chemicals – a pure raw material
  • Promotes milk production in sows
  • Is healthy for piglets, especially at weaning time

In meat pig barns, the amount of dehulled oats should be reasonably small. If used excessively, dehulled oats will cause fat buildup in the meat. Due to the beneficial effects on health, it nonetheless is favored for use in small amounts. The hulls can be used as fuel, feed for dry sows, bedding or a compost raw material.


Technical data

Length 1600 mm
Width 790 mm
Height 1435 mm
Weight 160 kg
Motor 3 kW ja 4 kW
Dehulling capacity 200 – 2000 kg/h