Mixers, silos, other

The Rivakka feed silo is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel.

Feeding silo

The Rivakka feeding silo 1.5 m³ is well-suited for use as an interim silo for an automated feeder or as a silo for taking prepared feed into a cart. The silo can be filled using an auger or blower.

Feed silo

The Rivakka feed silo is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel. Complete emptying of the feed is assured by a steep 8-cornered bottom hopper and narrowing portions extending to the first level.

Auger supplies

Auger supplies, like draw outlet end, intermediate output and auger connectors.

Bulk bag silo with an auger fitting

Suitable for transferring granular, hulled grains and well-flowing flours from bulk bags, for example to an automatic feeder. The feeder’s sturdy structure well withstands the weight of a bulk bag.


The dispenser is suitable for feeding both grain and purchased feeds. The device can be fitted to all Rivakka mills. The dispenser is steplessly adjustable and has a digital screen.

Control centres

Control centres for Rivakka mills are fitted according to the intended use.

Feed cannons

Cannon diameter is determined depending on feed type and volume. Cannon length and suitability are determined on-site. Feed cannon for filling feed carts, with remote control capability, comes with 2 remote controls.

Livestock scale

The Sami-Rivakka electronic livestock scale is suitable for weighing meat pigs, calves, and lambs. It has a removable cage portion, making it easy to clean.

Powder treatment device

Rivakka powder treatment device feeds treatment powder to the output end of a screw conveyor transferring grain. Its funtional principle enables a fast and even treatment result.