Rivakka products

A Rivakka feed handling system forms an entirety containing all the equipment needed on the farm for feed preparation, storage and transportation. We look forward to helping you find a farm-specific solution for cost-efficient preparation of high-quality feeds.

roller mills

The core of a Rivakka roller mill is its roller wheels made from high-quality specialty steel.

hammer mills

The Rivakka silo mill with concentrate dispenser makes prepared feed automatically.

Grain and feed transfer

Using a Rivakka suction pressure blower, handling grain is efficient and easy.

Batch mixers

Rivakka batch mixers make a homogenous feed mix from many different components.

Oat dehuller

The feed value of oats is improved by removing the oats’ straw-like hull.

Mixers, silos and other

The Rivakka feed silo is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel.

Other Rivakka products

Other Rivakka products