Rivakka batch mixers make a homogenous feed mix from many different components. Using the abundance of batch mixer accessories, you can achieve the degree of automation desired, from manual to a fully automatic mixer that also guides discharge of the prepared feed to different places.tun määrän automaatiota aina käsikäyttöisestä täysin automaattiseen sekoittimeen, joka ohjaa myös valmiin rehun purkua eri paikkoihin.


  • Roller- or hammer mill permanently installed on top of the mixer
  • Load cells with digital screen
  • Logic control
  • PC connection and Windows-based automated feed program
  • Wireless connection to mixer
  • Available in three different sizes : 2000 and 3200 litres.

Technical data

Model E2000 E3200
Length 313 cm 322 cm
Width 104 cm 136 cm
Height 244 cm 242 cm
Motor 4 kW  2 x 4 kW


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