A Rivakka suction blower roller mill is a bruising mill for barley, wheat, maize, oat, grains, peas or corn. Mill suctions grain, peas or corn into the roller mill. The mill’s stone separator cleans the raw material of stones, nails and other foreign objects which are unsuitable for animal feed. After crushing the mill moves the feed by blowing it into a silo or batch mixer. The mill can also be fitted with an auger conveyor which can be used to get feed directly, for example, to a rail feeder.

Technical data

  Suction blower roller mill 4 kW    Suction blower roller mill 9,2 kW  XL 
Crushing force 400-1000 kg/h 1500-2500 kg/ h
Mill motor 4 kW 9,2 kW
Blower motor 3 kW 7,5 kW
Suction power 2 x 15 m 1 x 160mm – 15m. / 2 x100mm – 10m
Height 176 cm 220 cm
Width 84 cm 88 cm
Length 132 cm 145 cm
Blowing power 100 m 60 m / 160mm

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