Rivakka tractor blower is an exceptionally powerful device for transferring grain, pellets and other similar solid substances. The blower can be used, for example, for filling a truck, emptying a dryer or bunker silo or for emptying or filling ourdoor silos.

The blower is built on a towed trailer base containing a drawbar and wheels.  A hydraulically raised truck filling pipeline is available as an accessory.

Using a Rivakka tractor blower, you can fill a full trailer combination truck in less than two hours! 

Technical data

Grain transport capacity 25-35 t/h
Recommended tractor power 90 hv
Rotation speed 540 r/min
Tested suction power 35m
Blowing distance max 50 m
Blowing pipe diameter 160 mm
Suction pipe diameter (extendable) 160 mm
Length 2800 mm
Width 2650 mm
Transport height 2800 mm
Total height (with truck filling pipeline) 4100 mm
Weight 550 kg